Seeking new maintainer for apt and synaptic

Patrice Dumas pertusus at
Tue Apr 11 22:18:08 UTC 2006

> the distro, and becoming so more and more. We also have only one kernel, 
> C-library and X-server and with good reasons.

One kernel, yes, but for the other we could have alternatives. dietlibc
is sort of an alternative of the libc and whenever/if there is a X 
substitute it could be fine to have it packaged. Hopefully with initng 
we'll have soon 2 init systems...

Oh, even a alternate kernel could be doable - but not in the installer,
of course. Maybe one day there will be a hurd in extras ;-)

It's not even clear to me what piece of core couldn't be provided in 
extras, except for very basic config files. Even basic unix commands 
could come from a alternate implementation (like busybox) with other
names, of course. Maybe rpm?

It will come a long way until it is possible to have a running system
installed from fedora core but without any component of fedora core used,
but it could be sortof funny. Interesting dream, isn't it ;-)


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