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Summary: Review Request: elektra


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------- Additional Comments From pertusus at free.fr  2006-04-14 08:50 EST -------
The spec file is still in very bad shape with regard with fedora extras
packaging rules and standards. I'll make a few comments but I would
advise you to read the packaging guildelines more thoroughly, and have
a look at similar packages by importing their cvs directories.
You could also have a look at the standard spec file template.

* don't use a specific server name (aleron) from sourceforge
* if libxml2 isn't picked automatically by rpm add a comment to 
  say so, and explain why
* the following seems to be a bad cut and paste
%package backend-berkeleydb
Summary:      Include files and API documentation for Elektra Project
* DTDVERSION isn't usefull
* You don't use macros like %{_bindir} and the like. This is mandatory
* The Setup for parallel builds part seems very strange. You should use
  what is advertized in the packaging guidelines.
* the %clean section is wrong
* %deffatr is not standard
* no need to add %docs for man pages
* No need of Backwards compatibility, from the Linux Registry days
* autoamke and autoconf and so on don't seem to be required
* the devel and main package aren't set up how they should be.
* Why not use %configure?

In fact the shape of the spec file seems to show that you haven't
read anything of the packaging guidelines/how to become a fedora 
contributor. It seems that you need to be sponsored, but in my 
opinion you should try to show that you are more willing to follow
the guidelines for fedora contributors and actively show your want
to be of fedora extras, and not only throw a package in the build 

I'd be pleased to be wrong, however ;-)

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