[Bug 188351] Review Request: gphpedit - GNOME2 PHP editor

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Sat Apr 15 00:59:14 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: gphpedit - GNOME2 PHP editor


fedora.wickert at arcor.de changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
OtherBugsDependingO|163778                      |163779
              nThis|                            |

------- Additional Comments From fedora.wickert at arcor.de  2006-04-14 20:59 EST -------
f8cf9167b19c07f202d2d5e31431648a  gphpedit-0.9.80-2.src.rpm

- rpmlint clean except for one zero-length error (see below)
- package and specfile naming according to Package Naming Guidelines
- package meets Packaging Guidlines
- license ok (GPL)
- license field in specfile machtes actual license
- license included in source and correctly installed in %doc
- specfile written in American English
- specfile legible. Actually that's what specs look like! :-) Clean and well
- source matches upstream
- package builds into binaries in Fedora Core 5 i386
- no locales to worry about
- no shared libs
- relocatable
- package owns all directories it creates
- package doesn't own files or dirs already owned by other packages
- no duplicates in %files listing
- permissions of files ok, %defattr correct
- %clean section present and correct
- macro usage consistent
- code, not content
- no large docs
- docs don't affect runtime
- no headers, pkgconfigs or static libs to worry about
- no libtool archives
- desktop file included and correctly installed

- package builds in mock for Core 5 i386
- program works fine, package has been testet for more than a week without problems
- changelog information correct and detailed 


You can now import the srpm into CVS, but there are four things you need to fix
before building:

- remove gtk2-devel from BuildRequires. It's a duplicate as it's already
required both by gtkhtml2-devel and libgnomeui-devel. The rest of the Requires
and BuildRequires are correct, none of the exceptions listed in the wiki.

- remove empty NEWS from %doc to fix this rpmlint error.
> rpmlint gphpedit-0.9.80-2.fc5.i386.rpm
> E: gphpedit zero-length /usr/share/doc/gphpedit-0.9.80/NEWS

- remove generic INSTALL from %doc (not needed)

- please add the URL for Source0 when you receive feedback from upstream

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