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Victor Skovorodnikov vic_sk at
Sat Apr 15 08:33:57 UTC 2006

Hi all,
 I have attempted to contact the site's administrators at this address:
 amazingsounds at 
 from which I obtained the sounds, but their email is invalid.  However, on their site at:  
 it states that:
 The                  place where you will find all kinds of WAV files...WAV Sounds for you to download, FREE!! ...
                                                                   Our                  content is made basically for multimedia developers or creators                  that want to use these files ...
 Do I still need to get in touch with them somehow or does this notice imply free redistribution of their sounds?  I guess when it comes to such things, it becomes a little vague.

Hans de Goede <j.w.r.degoede at> wrote: 

Tim Jackson wrote:
> Victor Skovorodnikov wrote:
>> */Rahul Sundaram /* wrote:
>>     Thats incompatible with Fedora packaging guidelines. A written 
>> license
>>     should be included that is Free and/or open source is required.
>> Should I get this written license from Paul Riche III, UR Quan Masters 
>> developers or can I write it myself? 
> You need to get it from him; as the author, he is the only person that 
> can set the licensing terms. And in case you missed the subtlety in 
> Rahul's message, it's not the "written license should be included" bit 
> which is so much of a problem (though you should indeed include a text 
> file with the package containing the license as written by the author). 
> The main problem is the fact that the license he gave you isn't a Free 
> software license and is therefore still incompatible with Fedora.
> ("free for non-commercial purposes" isn't Free in this context; we're 
> talking about freedom not free-from-charge here; see:
> and, for some background:
> )

To be more exact, we're talking about images here, so content not code, 
thus you only need a license which allows free (gratis and unlimited) 
redistribution of the images with your game. This still means that the 
non-commercial clause is unacceptable though. Also where did you get the 
sound FX? those need to be properly licensed too.



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