Where to report bugs for repoview?

seth vidal skvidal at linux.duke.edu
Sat Apr 15 12:14:38 UTC 2006

> Because that is not what I want the end user to see when he clicks on
> the view packages in extras links, wasn't the entire idea behind comps
> file to only show the user packages which he is interested in and leave
> out packages which exist for a good reason but are probably of little
> interest (on their own) to the end user?

When I go to the repoview page I want to see ALL packages - I use it as
reference point. It is the canonical look up.

> Also this is not consistent with how yum groupinfo or pirut handle this,
> they only show the latest version, which is what one would expect.

yes b/c yum and pirut are not showing you what is there - they're
showing you what they would install. Which in both cases is the newest


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