Where to report bugs for repoview?

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Sat Apr 15 13:06:55 UTC 2006

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seth vidal wrote:
>> Because that is not what I want the end user to see when he clicks on
>> the view packages in extras links, wasn't the entire idea behind comps
>> file to only show the user packages which he is interested in and leave
>> out packages which exist for a good reason but are probably of little
>> interest (on their own) to the end user?
> When I go to the repoview page I want to see ALL packages - I use it as
> reference point. It is the canonical look up.

No, ls in a repo dir is the canonical lookup, repoview through comps
always shows a subset, I see no reason for doubles only distuinguished
by version in this subset.

Some time ago Chris Chabot said that it would be nice to have a web
interface where end users could seen what is available in nice
catogories without getting overwhelmed by a zillion sub packages, the
answer given then was repoview. Also repoview is direct linked under:

Under the Heading "Fedora Extras Users" it is actually most of the
content under this heading, I concider showing that the old version is
still available to the end user only confusing *. Remember the leaving
the old version in the repo is only meant as a fallback mechanism, not
as the default mode of operation.

* especially since he won't be able to install it without serious manual

So please atleast at an option to repoview to only show the latest
version and use that to generate the pages under
(and friends)


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