Where to report bugs for repoview?

Konstantin Ryabitsev icon at fedoraproject.org
Sat Apr 15 20:11:30 UTC 2006

Hans de Goede wrote:
>> No. Then things get really complicated for packages that can be
>> installed in parallel, like kernels and kernel modules, and whatnot
>> libraries that can have several legitimate versions, etc.
> What does this have todo with anything, doesn't the kernel version for
> which a module is get put into the name part of the module? (last time I
> used external modules in rpm format is some time ago). Let me rephrase:
> there is no reason for mentioning the version in repoview, so let me
> then advocate to not show the version which will have as a result that
> the double entries are just that 100% double -> so they are a bug.

Why do you say there is no reason to show the version in repoview? If 
you come across a repository that provides gimp, wouldn't you be at the 
very least interested in which version it is that they are providing 
before installing it?

Moreover, here's the output of 'yum list kmod-madwifi*' on my machine:

Available Packages
kmod-madwifi.i586               livna
kmod-madwifi-kdump.i686         livna
kmod-madwifi-smp.i686           livna
kmod-madwifi-xen0.i686          livna

If you're looking for kernel modules, wouldn't you be interested in 
knowing for what kernels the packages are built? And if you're looking 
for specific version, listing just the latest one will NOT be helpful.

See, there are all these cases that make "just list the newest version" 
not a very sane default, and it's certainly thus far not a feature that 
I would spend much time implementing just to satisfy a couple of vocal 

> Please stop thinking about this from your own pov and start thinking
> about our end users. The multiple versions listed in repoview will
> confuse regular end users! Since repoview is very prominently linked to
> as being _the_ way for users to see which packages there are this is BAD
> <period> I'm sure you've got good technical reasons for listing all
> versions but this is _not_ good for end users!

Yes, and in return, I will ask you to stop waving around some ephemeral 
(and inept) "regular end-users." People who are going to be confused by 
multiple available versions of a package are NOT going to be accessing 
repoview listings in the first place -- repoview is a utility for people 
who have a level of familiarity with the system, and they will certainly 
be quite comfortable with the fact that the repository may provide 
multiple versions of a package -- especially seeing as there are 
legitimate reasons to do so.

This point is moot -- I will not be implementing version comparisons in 
repoview. The software lists ALL packages provided by a repository, not 
an arbitrary subset.


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