Comments on Horde / IMP?

Brandon Holbrook holbrookbw at
Sun Apr 16 03:20:45 UTC 2006


While in the process of waiting for my first package to be approved, 
I've been considering some of the other Linux apps that I use regularly 
that are not already a part of FC / FE, and to my surprise found that 
horde ( imp, kronolith, ingo, etc...) web-based framework 
/ webmail are not already packaged in FE.  As a daily user / admin for 
Horde, I would be more than happy to package / submit / maintain horde 
and its associated packages, but want to run it by the community first.  
I saw the phpBB emails earlier that warned against including phpBB in FE 
due to its numerous security flaws.  AFAIK, Horde has the occasional 
security advisory, but not an inordinate amount to consider it dangerous 
or unusable, but others out there may keep up better than I.  Does 
anybody know of a reason why not to package horde and its ilk, or if it 
has been submitted before and the reason for rejection.

CentOS Extras already has a collection of Horde RPMS that look like they 
need very little tweaking to be FE-compatible.


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