Comps, or, Making it Easier for Users to Find Software

Jeremy Katz katzj at
Mon Apr 17 17:57:41 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-04-16 at 12:00 -0700, Wart wrote:
> A number of new games have been added to Fedora Extras and the
> file since you announced this, but they don't show up
> when running "yum groupinfo games" (or in the pirut 'games' category) on
> a FE5 system.  'worminator' and 'freedoom' are two examples of games
> that don't show up, yet are listed in
> The Games SIG has been adding quite a few new packages lately.  Is there
> something that we can do to help automate the update of comps-fe5.xml?

My apologies.  The problem is that there's not yet anything to handle
automated moving of what's in CVS to what's in the actual tree.  This
should probably be done as one part of the scripted tree push process.
I've gone ahead and manually updated it again and generally, this should
go a little better for a while since I'm back from vacation, LinuxWorld,
and a doomed week of meetings :-)

One thing that would help is a script to be run as a pre-commit check to
ensure the file is well-formed.  

> Additionaly, it seems that the FE games are listed as 'optional'
> packages in yum, which means that users can't use 'yum groupinstall
> games' as a shortcut to get all of them.  What determines if a package
> is 'optional' or 'required'?  Would it be possible to change it so that
> users can get all of the games via 'yum groupinstall', either by
> reclassifying the FE5 games as 'required', or by creating a new category
> for these games?

If a package is required, then the group isn't considered installed
without the package being installed.  You almost certainly don't want
that behavior with all of the games :-)  And I don't even think a
separate category is really what's wanted.  What problem are you trying
to solve by installing all of the games?[1]


[1] Note, that it would be pretty easy to write the little tool using
the yum interfaces that just installed all of the optional packages in a

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