RFC: Fedora Extras EOL Policy

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Mon Apr 17 21:45:18 UTC 2006

Patrice Dumas (pertusus at free.fr) said: 
> > If someone uses Fedora Core 5, they can be certain that the content will
> > be maintained up until point X, and after that it will be looked at for
> > security issues by the existing Fedora Legacy team (which they can join.)
> > 
> > With Extras... it's 'maybe, depending on the package'. Do you really expect
> > someone to look at a web page that has maintenance status for 3000 packages?
> Not really.

> What I want is that each maintainer decide for his package what
> kind of maintainance he does. And only if he does none (and nobody steped up)
> the package should be taken by the fedora extra legacy team which may have
> an homogenous maintainance goal, or not.

So, how does that avoid the question I just stated?


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