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Summary: Review Request: torque


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------- Additional Comments From ed at eh3.com  2006-04-17 21:28 EST -------
The SRPM [please note the "6" instead of "5" in release tag since the 
SRPM URL in comment #14 has a typo] at:

  sha1sum: ba0a569763d6b91697c9a40723b392be464ab64e

does cleanup everything mentioned in comments #12--13 and heres the
remainder of the review:

very minor nit:
 + please consider adding the "-q" option to %setup so that the 
   build logs are a little shorter and more readable (just a 
   request--by no means a blocker!)

 OK - source matches upstream
 OK - macro usage looks consistent although there are some 
      harmless quirks like having both %__rm and %{__rm}
 OK - proper use of -devel
 OK - desktop files appear to have correct install syntax
 OK - scriptlets look sane to me
 OK - installed and runs with out seg-faulting on a single FC4 i386
      machine (I do need to go dig up the syntax for creating default 
      queues, etc. because a quick "qsub -I" seems to wait forever and 
      I imagine its an incomplete setup and thus my fault.  Other 
      commands such as "pbsnodes -a" and "qmgr" work just fine--no 

I don't see any blockers so its APPROVED.

Congrats on the first package and please feel free to contact me if you 
want any help with FE CVS, the build system, etc.

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