Becoming a sponsorer

Paul Howarth paul at
Wed Apr 19 09:22:24 UTC 2006

Paul F. Johnson wrote:
>> On Wed, 2006-04-19 at 07:37 +0100, Paul wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Given what I know about mono and how to package it and wotnot, I think
>>> I'm up to the job of becoming a sponsor on it (there seems to be only me
>>> and Chris Aillon who does things with mono - I'm sorry if anyone else is
>>> and I've missed them - but there is a shortage of peeps who know about
>>> these things).
>> Perhaps you could take a look at this and suggest what might be 
>> wrong:
> By the looks of it (and this is based *purely* on a cursory look over it)
> there is a problem with an assertion. Now, given it builds fine on a (I'm
> guessing) an x86 box and not on any other architecture, the problem is most
> likely down to where the buildsys is looking for packages.

It's not an architecture issue because it builds OK on my x86 box but 
fails in mock on the very same x86 box. I thought at first it was a 
missing buildreq but I can't think of anything appropriate to add. So 
it's probably something to do with the mock environment itself. 
Unfortunately the assertion failure is pretty unhelpful in terms of 

> Personally, I'd add at the top
> %define _libdir /usr/lib, remove the speed up you have for the build (removal
> of the tracking dependancies)

OK, tried that. Didn't help.

> and change the make install to 
> make DESTDIR=%{buildroot} install

Huh? That's what it already is (except with the macro version of "make" 

> and you'll probably find that will work just fine. One thing that is puzzling
> me is why you have the same export in two places. Surely when you run the
> configure step that will remember what you've exported as it will be written
> to a file somewhere in the BUILD/<package_name> directory.

Not sure about this; this is an idiom I spotted in a few mono specs I 
looked at whilst trying to figure out what was breaking. If the 
configure script *doesn't* record the setting in the Makefile, then the 
multiple exports would certainly be needed as the %build and %install 
scripts are separate shell scripts.

> Mono is a strange beast which (from what I can see) has little respect for
> where things should be placed! ;-)

Yeah, I noticed.


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