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Andreas Bierfert andreas.bierfert at
Sat Apr 22 00:44:13 UTC 2006

On Fri, 21 Apr 2006 22:07:30 +0200
Michael Schwendt <bugs.michael at> wrote:
> > 	 libopensync-plugin-palm    0.18-2.fc4.i386 
> > 	 sylpheed-claws    2.0.0-3.fc4.i386 
> pilot-link downgrade and ABI break

And again: Would have been nice to know... 

fc4 build of sylpheed-claws failed for some reason will look into it
tomorrow... fc5 should be ok again.

While add it: sylpheed-claws will no longer provide any plugins except
the trayicon one. All other plugins can be found named

For people who want all plugins the sylpheed-claws-plugins packaged pulled in
all extra plugins and with the newest changes will also pull in the old core
ones (they are still build from the core package so). 

This should make requirements easier (no need to pull in clamav or

- Andreas
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