Sponsorship process

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Sat Apr 22 08:30:24 UTC 2006


First of all thanks to FESco for trusting me and making me a sponsor.
With that said, I just started reading

And I have some questions, according to this page a new contributer
should send a mail to the list: "Note that they should also have sent
mail to fedora-extras-list with a package which they are proposing to add."

But according to:

The introductionary mail we used to have no longer is needed and indeed
I haven't seen any of those mails in a long time.

Also according to:

The way to find people to sponsor is through the Fedora Account system,
however there are currently only 2 people listed there, one who doesn't
have a bugzilla account, atleast not with the mail address in the
account system and the other who does have a bugzilla account, but 0 FE
bugzilla activity. I was amazed by this since one of the reasons for me
asking to become a sponsor is because of Fedora Status mails saying that
the needs sponsor queue was ever growing.

If I'm not mistaken the proper way to find people needing sponsors is to
look at the FE-NEEDSPONSOR tracker bug:

Also this bug says: "SPONSORS: when you accept the responsibility of
reviewing a package, please take it off of this list." Shouldn't this be
on: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/Contributors instead / too.

I have the feeling that currently not everybody is doing this (taken
package review needing sponsors of the list when they have started the
review). See for example:

Thanks & Regards,


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