RFC: FESCo Future

Tim Lauridsen tla-ml at rasmil.dk
Mon Apr 24 07:30:13 UTC 2006

> Proposed plan:
> - Number of FESCo members in the future: 13
This sounds like a good number.
> -  Everyone that wants to nominate him/herself for the next FESCo period
> needs to write a self-nomination to fedora-extras-list (proposed date:
> between 1. and 7. May 2006). It should at least answer this questions:
> -- What important things did you do for Fedora in the past (in general
> and specific to Extras) 
> -- What do you want to achieve during your time in FESCo? Please write a
> short mission statement with goals, objectives, etc!
Sound like a very good idea, if you want to enter FESCo, you must have a 
clear idea of there you want it to go and
how you can contribute to make it go there.
> - All people who maintain packages in Extras can vote for as many
> members as they want to vote for (proposed date: between 9. and 14 May
> 2006).
> - The top (n) vote-getters are in. 
> - A new FESCo-chair is elected by the newly elected FESCo on the first
> meeting (that would be 20. May 2006)
> - Next FESCo election round about four weeks after FC7 was published
> Big missing piece in this plan: How to actually vote? Does anyone have
> experiences with E-Mail/Web voting system? How fast can such a voting
> system be set up? How do we make sure that we can trust the results?
I don't think a vote is necessary, it  is  more  important to  get some 
members there:

1. Want the job :-))
2. Have something to offer. ( Get some work done).
3. Have some clear ideas about where Extras should go in the future.


1. The current FESCo decides a number of member in the future.
2. The current FESCo should find out who want to stay and who want to leave.
3. People who want to get in should write a mission statement on this 
list, people can then comment on the candidates.
4. The current FESCo then decides what new member to include.

2. -  4. can be repeated every half year.

By the way, I think that the current FESCo have done a great job, for 
the community.

Tim Lauridsen
Yumex Developer.

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