RFC: FESCo Future

Ralf Corsepius rc040203 at freenet.de
Mon Apr 24 14:01:54 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-04-24 at 08:17 -0500, Josh Boyer wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 23, 2006 at 08:53:09PM +0200, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> > "Whom"?  --  The current FESCo has the problem that some people are
> > quite inactive. So I (and some others, too) want to lay the hurdle to
> > get into FESCo a bit higher to have more active members in the future.
> > Some quotes from the IRC-Meeting in that context  
> > - "I think we should have people that 1) show up for meetings 2) are
> > active leaders in Extras." 
> > - "I think merit is a good measure of who belongs in FESCO." 
> > - "if people want to join FESCO, they should write their own mission
> > statement, goals, objectives, etc."
> > Current plan to achieve it: Everyone (also current FESCo members!) who
> > wants to be member of the next FESCo needs to nominate him/herself on
> > fedora-extras-list; in that self-nomination-mail everyone needs to lay
> > down some plans what he or she wants to achieve when elected for FESCo.
> > Of course all fedora extras maintainers are allowed to nominate other
> > people for FESCo -- but the potential candidates still have to do lay
> > down their plans own their own.
> One small question:  Should people that are on the Fedora Project Board
> also be allowed in FESCO?
IMO, this would largely depend on these people's roles, these organs'
selfunderstandings and relationships.

Questions like
* Who governs whom?
* Who supervises whom?
* Is the FPB a 'supervisory board' and FESCO a 'board of directors'?
* Is the fact we have "2 boards", a step to implementing a classical 2
chamber government model?
* Is FESCo a subordinate board of FPB?
etc. would have to be clarified.

ATM, I think the FBS's role is too unclear and too uncooked to have an
opinion on this. Only one thing is clear, both organs have been
established by RH, with close to zero democratic involvement of the
community ;-)

> And as a side question, what role does FESCO have in conjunction with the
> Project Board, if any?
Exactly this is the point.


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