RFC: FESCo Future

Christian.Iseli at licr.org Christian.Iseli at licr.org
Mon Apr 24 22:46:41 UTC 2006

wtogami at redhat.com said:
> In my opinion, we don't need to expire people for time reasons.  It is
> unnecessary overhead to go through this just for the sake of having
> elections.

> Instead we should expire people voluntarily or if they haven't actually  done
> anything.  That alone would open many spots and allow fresh blood in.

> People should vote in new members if they have earned respect of fellow
> community members.  Generally this requires doing things in Extras. 

In principle, what you propose will happen naturaly when FESCo members get 
elected by a general vote:
 - those that want to leave are free to go
 - those that do actual work in Extras and are deemed generaly useful will be 
 - those that haven't done anything do not stand much chance to be re-elected
   (provided there are enough candidates, of course)

In city councils around here, people get elected every 4 years.  Evidently, 
some will leave before the 4 year period is over.  A council counts 50 people, 
so those are the 50 that got the more votes, but the 10 next people are 
remembered (called "viennent ensuite", i.e., follow up) and are instated as 
council members as needed when one of the existing members decides to leave.

For FESCo, I think one vote per year would be reasonable: leaves some time to 
get actual project underway, but is not overly long.  Elect 13 members plus a 
few spares, and use the spares when someone wants to retire.  If too many 
decide to leave, you can still decide if an early vote is needed, or if you go 
on with less members for a while.

I also do not see any rule that says *all* FESCo members must be elected.  
Maybe a few could be delegates from the Fedora Project Board, to ensure some 

Anyway, just my CHF 0.02 ...


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