[Bug 181404] Review Request: emacs-muse

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Mon Apr 24 23:31:21 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: emacs-muse


------- Additional Comments From tagoh at redhat.com  2006-04-24 19:31 EST -------
Can we ponder the bytecompiling at the install time before doing this? - Does
someone wants to spam bugs when one imports a flavor of emacsen like emacs22,
SXEmacs etc etc, and all elisp packages needs to be reworked then? It sounds
like the unnecessary work to me. changing the package name to emacs-<elisp name>
should be still valid idea though, I suspect that we don't need an extra work to
add subpackages for a flavor of emacsen at all.
Could someone explain me the significant reason why we have to provide the
bytecompiled packages for each flavor of emacsen rather than bytecompiling at
the install time? - We didn't just need to care of others when we didn't work
the community together, because we didn't have any plans to ship other emacsen
any more. but now, we have a chance to do it. current approach isn't comfortable
to do it and it imposes a burden on all elisp maintainers.

I'd propose this again.


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