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Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Tue Apr 25 17:32:57 UTC 2006

On Tue, 25 Apr 2006, Max Spevack wrote:

>>> Some examples:
>>> * RH has killed the FF, without even informing the community in advance.
>>> (Now some projects are complaining about lack of funding - Could it be
>>> RH missed the aspect of using a "foundation as means of fundraising?)
> Due respect Josh, but just because we didn't inform *you* ahead of time 
> doesn't mean that the decision was made entirely within Red Hat's walls. A 
> number of non-Red Hat folks knew about the decision ahead of time, and had a 
> hand in helping us to come up with the reasoning and messaging around why FF 
> didn't make sense, and why the current Board model is a superior choice.

Oops, got a bit confused with the threading.  I guess Ralf was really the 
original writer.  Sorry Josh.


> Did you read the message that we sent out discussing the reasons why the 
> Foundation decision wasn't compelling?  Fundraising was specifically 
> addressed in there.
> Furthermore, there was a very frank conversation about the way Fedora *is* 
> governed, and the main point out of that is that the Fedora Project Board is 
> set up *purposely* to have a very strong representation of people who don't 
> work at Red Hat.  This is the *reality* of what we are doing right now.  The 
> Fedora Project Board is empowered to make decisions about what Fedora does. 
> A significant amount of that Board's membership is not @redhat.com -- and I 
> promise you that I have no problem with seeing that balance shift more toward 
> the community over time, if that is what is clearly the best for Fedora.
>> What does that have to do with FESCO?
>>> * RH has proclaimed the FPB and has inaugurated the persons at their own
>>> will without consulting nor informing the community. They selecting a
>>> person as head we never saw in any Fedora Project before nor without
>>> thinking about this organs interaction with other Fedora Projects.
>>> (In politics such an incident would be called "palace revolution")
> As I said above, parts of the community were consulted.  The community is 
> consulted now in everything the Board does.  The actions of the board are 
> transparent, and everyone has a direct line to contact and influence the work 
> that the Board is doing.
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board
> In response to your criticism of me as being the Chair of the FPB without 
> having been active in Fedora previously:  It's true that I wasn't directly 
> involved in the Fedora side of Red Hat prior to beginning in my current job, 
> but don't base your opinion of me solely on that.  If you have concerns and 
> issues with the way I'm handling Fedora, write the Board and complain.  Write 
> to boss and convince him that I should be replaced. Make a compelling 
> argument for why things are wrong and how they should be instead and your 
> voice will be heard.
> My job isn't to be a dictator over Fedora.  My job is to be Fedora's biggest 
> advocate within Red Hat, to set Fedora up as much as possible for community 
> decision making and empowerment, and to constantly remind the rest of Red Hat 
> of the immense value of open source methods, community involvement, etc.
> I get a paycheck from Red Hat.  But I work for Fedora.  If the larger powers 
> that be inside of Red Hat decide that Fedora isn't important, then I'll be 
> the one yelling the loudest, and most publicly that they are wrong, and I'll 
> be first in line to submit my resignation.
> But you know what?  That isn't going to happen.  The very fact that the 
> position (that I currently have) was formalized within Red Hat underscores 
> Red Hat's desire to see Fedora be a success.
>> We're talking about how we, the Extras community, want to govern ourselves. 
>> Leave Red Hat out of this discussion please.
> I'm not really sure what you're complaining about.  Someone asked the Board: 
> "Extras is ready to shuffle up its leadership a bit.  Do you guys need/want 
> to have a say in that?"
> Look at the first response: it was me say "Nope, you guys do your own thing. 
> And the Board is going to learn from you."
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-advisory-board/2006-April/msg00185.html
> So tell me: where's the lack of democracy?  Where's the iron fist?  What are 
> you *actually* angry about?
> Respectfully,
> Max

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