i386 binaries in the x86_64 directories

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue Apr 25 21:50:28 UTC 2006


> > The problem is this. When you compile mono from source, if you say
> > --libdir=/usr/lib64, everything goes into /usr/lib64 happily and the .pc
> > files go into /usr/lib64/pkgconfig. However, when compiling via a spec
> > file, even if you define libdir as /usr/lib, bits move
> > to /usr/lib64/pkgconfig and it doesn't matter what is passed in the %
> > configure line.
> What are the Makefile lines responsible for installing the misplaced 
> files? Perhaps there's a make macro you can set to put them in the right 
> place?

The problem is that the configure file is picking up the packages from
whereever their .pc files are. For example, gtksourceview-sharp picks up
gtksharp. gtksharp has it's pc file in /usr/lib irrespective of the
architecture (as /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../..). The paths looks to be taken
relative to where it finds the pkgconfig files.

Problem comes if you're using a 64 bit machine. The .pc files end up
in /usr/lib64 as that's where pkgconfig says to put things. However, the
package expects things to be in /usr/lib/pkgconfig

Is there a way to override pkgconfig so that it always goes
to /usr/lib/pkgconfig. Failing that, my finding here supports my bug
report that mono is packaged incorrectly for x86_64.


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