RFC: FESCo Future

Christian.Iseli at licr.org Christian.Iseli at licr.org
Tue Apr 25 22:44:12 UTC 2006

fedora at leemhuis.info said:
> we still have no system how to actually do the FESCo vote

One thing is still not clear to me: who can vote ?
 - any bloke with access to a keyboard ?
 - any fedora related ml member ?
 - f-e-l list members ?
 - contributors with a signed cla ?

I'd prefer to limit votes to people members of f-e-l...

crazy idea of the day: how hard would it be to hack the mailman options page
"fedora-extras-list mailing list membership configuration for me at myplace.org"
to allow people to simply put their vote in a dedicated field in there ?


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