package EOL

Michael J Knox michael at
Wed Apr 26 00:19:00 UTC 2006

Michael Schwendt wrote:
> So far, policies about orphans have been lax or non-existent as to give
> potential contributors the opportunity to evaluate orphans and pick them
> up more easily. However, I think the time has come to delete orphans from
> the repository more regularly and in accordance with a well-defined
> policy. Else the list of orphans will grow as we continue in "devel" and
> old orphans exist only in the old branches. I'm a proponent of the
> all-or-nothing strategy: orphaned binaries are deleted from all active
> (i.e. still supported branches). Once a new maintainer is found, he
> could update and publish new builds.

Exactly. I am wanting to see a better way of handling orphans and what I 
consider (I say I, cuz my point doesn't seem to be clear to some) to be 
retired packages.


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