weekly "new pacakges in Extras" (Was: Fedora Package Announcement List Split)

Aurelien Bompard gauret at free.fr
Thu Apr 27 12:43:56 UTC 2006

seth vidal wrote:
> build time is in there.
> That's a pretty good metric of 'newness'

But it doesn't tell you if it's a new package in Fedora Extras (and not an
update of an existing package).

My idea would be to diff the owners.list and to create a repodata folder
with the usual info, but about new packages only. Then the other
repodata-aware tools would be available, including repo-rss and repoview
(which already does groups). And the only thing left to do is to write a
mail sender script which uses the repodata.

Actually, I'm feeling like writing it :) Have you already worked on it
Christian ? Do you mind if I take the job ?

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