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Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Thu Apr 27 11:50:22 UTC 2006

Le Mer 26 avril 2006 23:58, Patrice Dumas a écrit :
>> If the repository is not to be aggressively pruned (at least in devel,
>> keeping stuff in existing releases is something else) I'd really love if
>> all the convenient-but-really-dangerous-to-use-long-term stuff was moved
> What is your definition for a
> convenient-but-really-dangerous-to-use-long-term package? I don't see
> any other than 'no packager is willing to maintain it'.

1. no packager is willing to maintain it
2. upstream is dead or has decided to switch to another preferred
version/something else
3. known vulns/design problems
4. (for a lib) nothing depends on it in the repo, so there's no one to
check it actually works
5. (for a lib) almost nothing depends on it, and the few remaining users
are scheduled to switch in the next month
6. (for an app) depends on a lib/susbsystem which falls under the previous


Nicolas Mailhot

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