Security Response Team / EOL

Patrice Dumas pertusus at
Fri Apr 28 15:37:56 UTC 2006

> > Maybe, but in a project based on voluntary work from packagers, putting
> > constraint on them is likely to decrease their reactivness, and in turn 
> > it will harm the users. 
> Sorry. Yes, that's a risk. But the same argument holds true for QA of
> packages -- still we do QA. 

Indeed but it is not a fair comparison. Those constraints are not based
on quality or on technical issues, but on user expectations. There is
nothing in the QA about users expectations. Everything that is free may 
be packaged.

> People from the outside look at Fedora Extras as a single entity. And
> therefor we IMHO should maintain a consistent look-and-feel to
> outsiders.

Maybe then we should educate users not to look at Fedora Extras as a single 
entity? The software in fedora extras is very inhomogenous and there is 
no consistent look and feel, it doesn't make sense. In my opinion a 
numerical library intended for scientists is very different from a rss
feed viewer but fortunately they coexist in extras. Why force an 
artificial ook and feel on the packagers and the users? In my opinion
what should be consistent accross fedora extras is the level of quality 
not anything else.

> I can't remember the details. Please see the logs from the FESCo
> Meetings in the wiki.

I may not have read carefully enough but I didn't see any explanation.

> If you are: Feel free to discuss it here and/or write better proposals
> to your liking (hint: can be based on this one). Present it to this list
> and to FESCo. FESCo can cherry-pick the best one then.

I don't think it is a good solution. It would be rejected, I prefer arguing
even though it takes time, such that a compromise emerge, if possible, and
trying not to repeat myself too often but respond to points.

> BTW: Everything FESCo decides now can be reverted/modified later if that
> should be needed and if there is interest from the community to change
> something. We don't need to have the proper solution in the beginning.
> But we have to start somewhere; and that's my goal atm.

Indeed but if it is agreed that in maintainance state there is no updates
only security fixes it would be quite hard to go back, as it may have 
irreversibly created users expectations.


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