Unorphan: monkey-bubble

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at
Sun Apr 30 20:32:56 UTC 2006

Michael J. Knox wrote:
> Hans de Goede wrote:
>> Michael J Knox wrote:
>>> Wart wrote:
>>>> Hash: SHA1
>>>> Hans de Goede wrote:
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Hans
>>>>> p.s.
>>>>> I'm also thinking about unorphaning monkey-bubble, but first I'm
>>>>> trying
>>>>> to get it to build (and run) with gstreamer-0.10 the version in CVS
>>>>> want
>>>>> gstreamer-0.6 upstream has a newerversion which works with
>>>>> gstreamer-0.8
>>>>> but since upstream seems dead I would rather have it build against
>>>>> 0.10 .
>>>> Michael Knox asked to take over monkey-bubble a month ago, but needed a
>>>> sponsor at the time before he could do so.  You might want to
>>>> coordinate
>>>> with him.
>>> Yup and there is an updated srpm in bugzilla from me for it. I just
>>> haven't updated the owners list yet.
>> Ah luckily you didn't put too much work in it, so my work is not in
>> vain. For example you didn't fix the icon being put in the wrong place,
>> nor did you fix the scripts to properly handle the gconf schemas as
>> described in the wiki. Also you fixed the compile by removing the
>> -Werror, whereas I have just finished a patch which fixes it by fixing
>> the warnings. Also your srpm seems based on gstreamer-0.8 where we now
>> have gstreamer-0.10. I've another patch which massages monkey-bubble
>> into using gstreamer-0.10 because I don't want to unorphan something
>> while it is using a compat-lib.
>> Michael, besides not updating owners.list you also didn't import it into
>> CVS, otherwise I would have based my work on your version. Anyways I'm
>> almost done bringing this fully up to spec (pun intended), after I'm
>> done with that I'll import my version into CVS (since that one is IMHO
>> clearly better). After this the remainging question is, who's name are
>> we going to put in owners.list? Do you want to maintain it including my
>> move to gstreamer-0.10 massaging, or shall I?
>> Regards,
>> Hans
> I have been busy working with the developers (of monkey-bubble) fixing
> bugs, check the gnome cvs log to see.
> I have begun work on porting it too gstreamer-0.10, but due to
> University getting in the way of my hacking, I have not progressed far.
> gstreamer-0.8 is still in FE as it is needed for other applications,
> gnomebaker comes to mind, so I do not think its a shop stopper that it
> is still using 0.8.
> The fixed srpm I have on my HDD at home is made witha snap shot from the
> cvs tree, as many fixes have been made to monkey-bubble. The srpm in
> bugzilla was a naive fix up.
> Also, it was not imported into cvs as I only got sponsored about 2 weeks
> ago and at the time of making that srpm, I was not sponsored.
> I would prefer to continue with monkey-bubble, but if you feel
> different, then we can discuss this off list.

If you want todo monkey-bubble and even have contact with upstream thats
great! Plenty of other stuff for me to package / spend time on. It was
just that I've been spending some hours on monkey-bubble today and after
seeing the spec linked to from bugzilla I thought it would be a good
idea to update CVS to my version instead of yours, as I already tried to
say you would have been free to pick up from there. I understand now
that you have a much newer SRPM hidden somewhere :)

So I'm fine with you unorphaning and maintaining monkey-bubble, but I
don't want my work to be lost. I'll send you a private mail with my
specfile for 0.3.2 and the 2 patches I have.

The gstreamer patch very probably will only apply against 0.3.2, after
that you can in essence copy src/audio/sound-manager.c to your current
monkey-bubble tree as that file is for 60-70% new after the patch.

About the specfile, please take a look at the installation of the icon
and all the %post and %pre scripts these contain correct handling of the
GConf schemas, the icon and scrollkeeper!

I've just finished my second iteration of the gstreamer-0.10 patch and
it works (yeah!).



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