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[Bug 175198] Review Request: perl-Math-Pari

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Summary: Review Request: perl-Math-Pari


------- Additional Comments From jpo di uminho pt  2006-04-13 12:58 EST -------
Sorry for the delay. 

c88e8dde7657098b608b07f75fbde19b  perl-Math-Pari-2.010704-1.src.rpm

0397da31fbe4f5485c4e7094c3661c5a  Math-Pari-2.010704.tar.gz
357b7a42e89e2761a5367bbcbfcca5f2  pari-2.1.7.tgz
2b9ed7df1bb67895b19aa7d195f2b692  perl-Math-Pari.spec

* Math-Pari tarball MD5 digest verified against a CPAN copy
* pari 2.1.7 tarball MD5 digest verified
* URL and Sources URLs are valid
* License verified (README file)
* perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_xxx) present
* perl vendor libs present
* File permissions are OK
* Builds without problems in FC-3 and FC-5
* (Un)installs without problems in FC-3 and FC-5

* the files libPARI.dumb.pod, Math::libPARI.dumb.3pm.gz are duplicates
  of libPARI.pod, Math::libPARI.3pm.gz (ok, they have slightly different 
  (Easy fix - just remove the *dumb* files)

Other minor notes:
* Would be nice to have Term::Gnuplot around to improve the test coverage

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