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Re: Stalled review policy proposal

On 7/29/06, Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs math uh edu> wrote:
As discussed at the recent FESCo meeting, I've drawn up a quick policy
for dealing with stalled reviews.  It's not intended to be
comprehensive; the idea is to address two main issues that have been
causing problems in the review process: unresponsive reviewers and
unresponsive package submitters.

I like.  +1

The intent is to close the bug so that it can be submitted by someone
else in a separate bug. If the bug is resubmitted by someone else, it
is also reasonable to change the resolution on the closed bug to
DUPLICATE and mark it as a duplicate of the new bug so that reviewers
of the new ticket can easily find the work that was done on the old

Would it be possible to, say, close it with a keyword, or have it
blocking something like "FE-DEADREVIEW"?  That way it'd be much easier
to find if someone wants to give the package another shot.  (Or if
people want to generate statistics, etc, etc...)


Chris Weyl
Ex astris, scientia

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