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FC5 tripwire RPM & possible maintainer available.

Hi Folks,

The FC5 tripwire RPM seems to be in an 'orphaned' or unknown state at the moment, as I'm sure you're all aware.

Anyways, I've built an FC5 tripwire RPM, although at this stage only using the backward-compatible gcc 3.2.x RPMS supplied with FC5 to build it, and requiring the backward compatible accompanying libraries, which I can contribute back somehow to FC5 extras or whatever if anyone wants.

I'm aware that in the longer term it needs some GCC4 patches applying to the source tree to make it compile and run under native GCC4, which I can probably do (never done exactly that before though), and probably needs a version update too if "Tripwire Software" have provided one under the GPL or other appropriate license.

I use tripwire among other stuff regularly on a number of servers, so it's in my best interests that it remains maintained, and since I already do a fair bit of opensource stuff variously detailed here:


I guess i'm fairly well placed to become its maintainer, if there's a vacancy, etc.


oRe Net.

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