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New ogre version (soname change) heads-up

Hi all,

I've just commited a new version of ogre to CVS and its building as I
type this. Unfortunatly even though this is a bugfix release this
release is not ABI compatible with the previous release, and upstream
"forgot" to change the soname version. I've discussed this with upstream
and they basicly give no ABI guarantees not even between bugfix
releases. They do try to bump the soname, but forget that sometimes.

So I've removed the -version-info argument to libtool when linking and
added -release @PACKAGE_VERSION@ causing %{version} to be embedded into
the soname. This will break the rpm deps of current ogre users (soname
change), but that is way better then the silent ABI breakage which we
would have had without this change.

Thus I'm only making this change for devel and any ogre using packages
must be recompiled. The new release is supposed to be 100% API
compatible, so rebuilding should not be a problem.



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