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Re: crack attack trademark issues / ok for Fe?

Wart wrote:
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Hans de Goede wrote:

I was wondering why the game crack-attack was in that other repo instead
of in FE.  So I asked the other repo, I got a reply pointing to this post:


This also has ramifications on ltris:

as well as ksmiletris (part of kde-games) and tong (already in FE).

Yes indeed, for each game which we package which is inspired by another game we must carefully way if that it was merely inspired (iow uses the same game mechanics / rules) or is just a complete copy. Assuming the graphics were all redrawn by hand (and not taken from screenshots which would be a plain copyright violation) if the graphics are a pretty exact copy its still legally a bit of a gray area (plagiarism). As said in my previous mail for platform games for example, copying the levels even with redrawn / other graphics would probably not be ok. Basicly any copying other then the game concept is most likely not ok :)

Also using tris in the name is not helping these other cases. I believe these others should be patched so that they no longer use tris in the name nor reference tetris in the docs, just use "falling blocks game" in the docs instead.

I think that a patch in the SRPM removing the use of *tris from the shipped RPMS should be good enough, this is how core does it with gnome-games which also contains a tetris like game. This game is removed from gnome-games in %install, so it it still in the SRPM.



And remember this is all IMHO, IANAL

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