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Re: FESCo Election Policy **Draft**

On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 12:25 +0530, Rahul wrote:
> Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> > 
> > == Candidates ==
> > 
> > Candidates may be any member of the cladone group in the Fedora Accounts
> > System.  This means anyone who has done the minimum to become a member
> > of the Fedora Project can run for a seat on FESCo whether or not they
> > are a contributer to the Fedora Extras portion of the project.
> > Candidates must self nominate at least three days before the election
> > opens by writing their information onto the wiki (Fedora account, email
> > and irc nick, statement of past contributions and what they hope to
> > accomplish while on the Fedora Project Board.
> Did you want to say FESCo instead of the Fedora Project Board here?

Yes.  Good catch.  I've now changed this to FESCo on the wiki::

BTW, this was one of the sections I considered controversial when I
drafted this policy.  Is anyone opposed to letting anyone in cladone
become a candidate for FESCo?  It could bring in thoughtful people who
largely watch the proceedings of Extras or contribute to the
infrastructure of the project rather than contributing packages into
directly into Extras.  It could also bring people who are only involved
because they have an opinion but don't want to do any work.  Assuming
intelligent voters, this could still be a problem if we don't have
enough candidates to fill all the open seats; allowing the person in by


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