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Re: Overriding kernel modules

Linus Walleij wrote:
On Wed, 9 Aug 2006, Xavier Bachelot wrote:

But yes, I agree, it "taints" the kernel, the same way any out of tree kernel module (kmod-em8300 from Extras)

I though the term "tainted" refered to a kernel linking kernel modules that aren't GPL, i.e. a legal issue, not just any new kernel modules.

Correct me if I'm wrong....

Yes, you're right, that the original meaning, but from a support pov, its also tainted, that's what I meant. Dave Jones recently said in one or the other fedora mailing lists that he will disregard any kernel bug report which involves modules not coming from the Core kernel packages, because he has enough to do with just them. Introducing unknown parameters, even if the modules are coming from a verified source (FE), even if the sources are available, etc... is an additional burden.


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