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Re: python package: pyo files

On Wednesday 09 August 2006 18:54, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> The only thing what's disallowed is not listing the .pyo's in the %files
> section at all.
> > Since rpm-build-4.4.1-0.1 (Dec 05 2004), the rpm macro __os_install_post
> > contains /usr/lib/rpm/brp-python-bytecompile, which compiles .py files
> > into .pyc and .pyo.
> If someone will remind me of which FC version this was added in I'll add
> this to the page:
>   As of FCX, rpm automatically compiles to .pyc and .pyo files for you.
> As long as you are not going to build your package on versions older
> than that you do not need to manually byte compile the files.  You still
> need to include the files in your %files section, though.

FC-4, if I understand CVS logs well.

Can you add a paragraph that tells explicitly that shipping or ghosting 
the .pyo file is packager's discretion? You should even precise that .pyc 
must be shipped in the package.

Do you see why Debian do not ship .pyc files? It seems that it allows to 
re-bytecompile all .pyc files, when at a python upgrade, without bumping 
packages version.

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