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Re: FE Package Status of Aug 10, 2006

Christian Iseli wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Here is this week's report.  I tried to come up with some reasonable
> criteria to filter a bit the missing packages from the comps.xml file.
> That still leaves over 700 missing... so please have a look and add
> them where you think it's appropriate.
> A rough guesstimate of what should go in comps.xml is found here
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/CompsXml
> I know I still need to clean that page... that'll come.  (or someone
> else can beat me to it...  I won't hold grudges... :-) )
> For the moment, I used those rules to filter the packages:
>   ignore a package named P-xxx if a package named P is in Core or Extras
>   ignore packages where the string "plugin" appears in their name
>   ignore packages with names starting with:
>     lib
>     compat-
>     font(s)-
>     gtk-
>     kmod-
>     xfce4-
>   ignore packages with names ending with:
>     -devel
>     lib(s0-9)
>     -python
>     -perl
>     -server(s)
>     -client(s)
>     -tool(s)
>     -contrib(s)
>     -doc(s)
>     -(x)emacs
>     -util(s)
>     -font(s)
> There are also some cases of non-existent packages listed in
> comps.xml.  I think they should be removed when we prepare the
> branching of FC6...

I've been running through the list of packages I own which are listed in
your status report as missing from comps. Many of them are valid (and
have been added), but there are also quite a few false positives:

* AllegroOGG (library)
* Glide3 (library)
* Hermes (library)
* adime (library)
* arc (cmdline tool)
* bin2iso (cmdline tool)
* coldet (library)
* dumb (library)
* glyph-keeper (library)
* goffice (library)
* lzo (library)
* ode (library)
* ogre (library)
* soundtouch (library)

How do we handle these, blacklist them? (Maybe hidden somewhere in the
wiki so that you don't have to maintain the blacklist?)



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