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Re: The bug squad is hiring!

Denis Leroy wrote:
dragoran wrote:
The bug i wanted to fix is the "CD Burning only works as root for a buncha burners", though it requires significant effort...

I want this bug to be fixed too (see FC6 and cdbruning thread) but we should wait for 2.6.19 (which will allow scsi commands to be enabled for a device from userspace), we should try to backport this changes and get them in the FC kernel before FC6 is released.

Are you referring to Peter Jones' patch ? If it's going into 2.6.19, that's great news. The job on our side is more the user-space aspect (hotplug module?)...

yes I am talking about this patch:
as for the userspace I don't know where this should be done?
I would say HAL should do it (or udev?)
or let kudzu writte it to a config file and let a initscript uploads it to the kernel

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