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Re: FE Package Status of Aug 10, 2006

Christian Iseli wrote:
On Thu, 10 Aug 2006 11:39:35 +0200, Hans de Goede wrote:
How do we handle these, blacklist them?


Taking a quick look, I see that most packages you described as
(library) actually do have the keyword "library" in the owners.list
description, so for those I could take that into account.

You couldalso check the actual rpm contents, and if there is nothing under /[s]bin or /usr/[s]bin then not complain, I don't know hoe hard that would be though. The taking a look at owners.list descriptions definetly is a good start!

The cmdline tools are more problematic...

I agree, not even looking at the rpms helps there, which leads to the conclusion we really need a blacklist. Still the script could/should be made a bit smarter like using owners.list descriptions to keep the size of the blacklist down.

(As a side note: I tend to like cmdline tools, and would like
to see them listed in comps.xml anyway...  but maybe that's just me)

I like them too, but they are for power users and comps is (AFAIK) for the "ordinary" end user, so I think the current policy of not putting them in comps.xml is correct.



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