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Re: FE Package Status of Aug 10, 2006

Patrice Dumas wrote:
>>I like them too, but they are for power users and comps is (AFAIK) for 
>>the "ordinary" end user, so I think the current policy of not putting 
>>them in comps.xml is correct.
> There are command line apps in comps, but not in all sections. For example 
> there are some in the "Hardware Support", "System Tools", "Development Tools",
> there could be in "Engineering and Scientific". There are mathematical 
> libraries in "Engineering and Scientific". That's because what is an ordinary
> user depends on the comps section.
> And I think it is right to add more command line apps if they fit in a 
> section intended for system administrators, developers or scientists.

Another vitally important exception are applications such as rogue,
nethack, and ularn.  Though these would be more accurately described as
terminal-based apps than command-line apps.


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