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Re: Planning next version of rpmdevtools

On Fri, 2006-08-11 at 09:01 +0300, Panu Matilainen wrote:

> Since these tools deal with rpm's, how about renaming them with rpm- 
> prefix?

The archive differ and extractor operate on many more things than just
rpms, so prefixing them with just rpm- would be misleading.

On Fri, 2006-08-11 at 06:33 +0200, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> Which doesn't really matter, be it fedora-, rpmdev- or whatever

Hmm, while I don't think there are big problems with the names of things
that do deal with rpms in the package, rpmdev-* could work, it's
sufficiently easy to type, descriptive, and relatively TAB-clash-free.

Here's the current list of utils and some comments about them; feel free
to throw in more suggestions or +1/-1's, I'll look through them late
next week and pick something based on the feedback.

   (somewhat misleading/generic? doesn't have to be typed often, so
    doesn't matter if a new name would be a bit hard to type)
   (--> xvf? extarchive? extrarchive? unarchive? dearchive? explode?)
   (somewhat misleading/generic?)

With rpmdev prefix, maybe something like this.  rpmde<TAB>X<TAB> would

/usr/bin/rpminfo (upstream name, unchanged)
/usr/bin/spectool (upstream name, unchanged)

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