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FYI: Fedora Extras 4 in Maintenance state, FC-4 branches need to be permitted by FESCo

Replies to fedora-extras-list only please to avoid confusion.

Hi all!

just a heads up: Now that Fedora Core 4 was transfered to Fedora Legacy
Fedora Extras 4 is in Maintenance state now, too. See
for details.

That why
now contains:

> FC-3 and FC-4 branches require FESCo approval and are generally
> discouraged.

There are still some branch requests for FC-4. I suggest we create those
and stop from now on.

Further please keep the following in mind now when building for FE3 or
FE4 (quoted from the EOL Policy page):

> In this [Maintenance] state maintainers will be allowed to issue updates to
> existing packages, but Maintainers are strongly urged to only issue
> severe bugfix or security fixes. New software versions should be
> avoided except when necessary for resolving issues with the the
> current version.

Thanks for your attention and your work in Fedora Extras.


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