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Re: The bug squad is hiring!

Denis Leroy wrote:
Hans de Goede wrote:
Hi all,

Introducing the bug squad: Currently there is not much to introduce
except for this idea in my head. Last friday I started a thread about
collecting and fixing pet peeve bugs, the idea behind this thread was to
build a collection of bugs which are high on the annoyance ladder and
are fixable by mere mortals. Building such a collection is just the
start however, the next step is to build a team of volunteers to tackle
these bugs: the bug squad.

So come on and sign up today!

I'm game! The bug i wanted to fix is the "CD Burning only works as root for a buncha burners", though it requires significant effort...

Well it seems that its just you and me for now, I'm thinking about posting weekly status reports to the devel list with the bugs we've squashed as means of PR in the hope of getting more volunteers.

I would like to setup a wiki page which a list of potential bugs for us to fix, with a short description per bug and an URL to the bug, we could then also add a text like "Hans is working on this" to the bugs there to claim bugs to avoid collisions, does this sound like a plan.

Wiki maintainers, where should this page be (maybe under Extras/SIGs? But its not soley for Extras).



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