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Re: Need a list of educational packages

Hi All,

Can you kindly include Jiletters also.
The other i feel must is abacus,Super tux.As of now let me compile the names of other software also.I am concentrating more on kids software more.I will reply with the list in a day.
Thanks and regards
Pugazhendhi Muthuraman

On 8/14/06, Paul <paul all-the-johnsons co uk> wrote:

> Also we have the venerable tuxpaint, and probably others.

genchemlab is in extras and I'm hoping to get MOPAC and ORTEP in at some
point soon (though for some reason, ORTEP is being a sod and it's a
single f77 file!)


Wenn sie denken, dass die bildung teuer ist, versuchen sie ignoranz

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Thanks and regards,
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