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Re: Need a list of educational packages

Hans de Goede wrote:

PFJ wrote:
So all mentioned packages really should be added there (and removed
elsewhere from comps if they are elsewhere, because packages should not
be listed twice).

This work is best done by a SIG. I was quite surprised to see that we didnt have a Education SIG yet when Kushal asked me for a list of packages in IRC earlier.
An education SIG would be a cracking idea, plus a new group in the RPM
group of Applications/Education would help.

Well I'm interested in educational software, but I've been currently
doing this under the gaming SIG umbrella, I know that is a bit of the
mark but sofar it works.

There are some games which play a education role and there are tools which provide entertainment while learning broadly classified under "Edutainment" however there are several other additional ones like for example touch typing that would fit into a education SIG but not often into a games SIG. It would be much better to have separate SIG's since it makes the role of these groups easier to identify and participate in.


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