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Re: Need a list of educational packages

Kushal Das wrote:
> On 8/14/06, Rahul <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
>> This work is best done by a SIG. I was quite surprised to see that we
>> didnt have a Education SIG yet when Kushal asked me for a list of
>> packages in IRC earlier.
>> Rahul
> Education SIG will be a very good idea. In the different engineering
> colleges I saw mostly(more than 95 %) are based on Fedora only :)
> If an Education SIG starts up, it will be pretty easier to maintain
> educational packages.

Well I'm game, but I won't be taking the lead. For starters someone
should start writing a wiki page for the SIG with a clear definitions of
the SIGs goals, see the Games SIGs wiki page as an example.

Besides that we need a way (wiki page works well for the games sig) to
maintain a list of:
1) interesting software to package
2) educational packages waiting for review

And we might encounter some packaging issues which turn out to be a
common theme for educational software in which case we should discuss
them, come up with a solution and document the found solution on the
wiki page.



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