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Re: The bug squad is hiring!

Hans de Goede wrote:

I'll add a part to the bugzappers wiki about this then, I also would
like to maintain a page with a list of easy fixable bugs, or rather with
3 lists:
1) easy fixable and annoying / high impact
2) annoying / highimpact
3) easy fixable

The idea is to have a short description of each bug and an URL, so that
people who want to help with this can easily find a bug to work on.

Wouldnt it be better to use the bugzilla whiteboard for this and just link to the queries from the wiki page? You can talk to Will Woods if you need more information on doing this. He has also demonstrated some queries to show recent bugzilla activity and other details in #fedora-triage which are useful to tackle. Maintaining a list manually in the wiki is harder and inefficient.

you create a wiki page (and give me and dennis edit rights) for this?

Bugzapper pages are open to everyone in the edit group. Feel free to create any new pages you want. I generally want to avoid adding more ACL's to them. Just set watches on the pages you create.


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