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Re: Problems with tagging

Once upon a time Michael Schwendt wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Aug 2006 19:06:54 +0200, Roland Wolters wrote:
> > So, what should I do now? I tried the same steps as you did, and the
> > result is:
> >
> > $ TAG_OPTS=-F make tag
> > cvs tag -F -c ktorrent-2_0-3_fc6
> > For more information on using the Fedora source code repositories,
> > please visit http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/UsingCvs
> > ? i386
> > ? ktorrent-2.0
> > ? ktorrent-2.0-2.src.rpm
> > ERROR: creating module-wide tags is prohibited
> > cvs tag: Pre-tag check failed
> > ERROR: The tag ktorrent-2_0-3_fc6 is already applied on a different
> > branch ERROR: You can not forcibly move tags between branches
> > cvs tag: Pre-tag check failed
> > cvs [tag aborted]: correct the above errors first!
> > make: *** [tag] Fehler 1
> Restart at a fresh checkout?

You mean with a previous "cvs co ktorrent" from my cvs root directory? I did 
it, like you did, with cvs co ktorrent ; cd ktorrent/devel
Or should I completely remove the whole directory from my hard disk, and check 
it out new? I thought that such steps are not necessary with cvs...

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