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Re: Packages missing in comps-feX.xml.in

On 8/15/06, Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> wrote:
On Tuesday 15 August 2006 21:23, Wart wrote:
> I'm not sure where these should go. They are DOOM game level editors.
> deutex is a command line tool, while yadex is a graphical editing app.
> They could fit in either the 'games' or 'graphics' group. Any
> suggestions on which would be better?

Since everyone is talking about groups, I have a few questions:

1) Why are rpm groups different than comps groups?

2) How come comps doesn't have Development/Libraries?

3) Where on the wiki page can I find definitions of all the comps/rpm groups?

4) What are you supposed to do if your software falls into multiple
group categories?  List it twice?  Pick a category and list it once?

5) What if your software doesnt fall into any defined category?  Do
you create your own comps group or rpm group?

For example, numpy is classified as "Development/Languages" in rpm,
and "Applications/Engineering and Scientific" in comps.  But isn't
numpy used primarily as a library for other python applications such
as pygame?  Wouldn't it be better classified as
"Development/Libraries"?  It is a library just like a C library, only
it's for python.  So therefore the rpm group changes from
"Development/Libraries" to "Development/Languages" simply because it's
written in python and not C?  And isn't comps'
"Applications/Engineering and Scientific" meant for end-user
applications and not libararies?  Oh god I'm so confused. :-|

For me, this whole grouping of software seems very complicated and
confusing.  Is there any hope of standardizing this stuff?  Maybe a
whole new paradigm of software grouping needs to be invented.  For
example a set of flags which define the software such as language,
usage, category, etc.

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