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Re: Packages missing in comps-feX.xml.in

rpm groups and comps groups are unrelated. rpm groups are amost unusefull
and not used, while comps groups are important.

> 3) Where on the wiki page can I find definitions of all the comps/rpm 
> groups?

The comps groups are defined within the comps file (it may be nice to
have an automatically formatted page summarizing category/definition 
somewhere, though).

> 4) What are you supposed to do if your software falls into multiple
> group categories?  List it twice?  Pick a category and list it once?

List it once.
> 5) What if your software doesnt fall into any defined category?  Do
> you create your own comps group or rpm group?
> For example, numpy is classified as "Development/Languages" in rpm,
> and "Applications/Engineering and Scientific" in comps.  But isn't
> numpy used primarily as a library for other python applications such
> as pygame?  Wouldn't it be better classified as

numpy is in 'Engineering and Scientific' in comps because it is where
it is used for himself. 

> "Applications/Engineering and Scientific" meant for end-user
> applications and not libararies?  Oh god I'm so confused. :-|

The end user depends on the category being considered. For scientists
and engineers libraries that bay be used for themselves (like lapack,
numpy and so on) should be in comps.

Similarly, 'Development Tools' and development sections are for 
developpers, so it makes sense to have command line apps in this 
category. Lastly 'System Tools' and 'Hardware Support', and the 
servers are primarily for system administrators so it make sense to 
have command-line apps in it (most servers are command-line apps, 


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