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Re: New category needed for compsXML: i18n

Patrice Dumas wrote:
On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 05:02:27PM +0900, Ryo Dairiki wrote:
I'm thinking of writing compsXML for SCIM related packages,
and I need a new category like "I18n" or "Internationalization" for them.
Where can I request it? Or just posting here is enough?

I am fairly ignorant on that subject, but aren't I18n related packages
like libraries, and pulled as dependencies by the apps that use them?
Are they of use by themselves?


Not, really.

There are some extra packages in that category.
For example, special input methods, and special composing dictionaries.

I own "scim-skk", which is yet another input method for Japanese.
As you know, the default input method for Japanese in Fedora is "scim-anthy",
which is installed by dependencies on Japanese environments.
But there are some people who prefer scim-skk to scim-anthy.
For such people, scim-skk must shown in the list of apps to install.
Just installed by dependencies is not a good idea.

Ryo Dairiki

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