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Re: FESCo Meeting Minutes for 2006-08-17

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>  * AWOL package process started for ignacio as he has a bunch of
> packages that others might have to pick up as dependencies.

Ouch, may I ask what the story is here? Judging from the list of
packages he maintains (search for ivazquez ivazquez net in owners.list).
He is (once was ?) a very active FE member, I don't think we want to
loose him. I also feel that the AWOL process was not created for the
likes of him, but more for Johnny 1-shot package.

So what is the story? Is he completly not responding? Or? I would really
like to know if there are personal circumstances (in which case there is
nothing we can do) or if for some reason he and FE have grown apart, and
if tis the latter why? Hopefully we can keep him aboard and at the very
least we should learn from this.



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